Following certain incidents that occurred or were narrowly avoided during the last round of the Montreal Cup, we remind you of the essential safety rules to avoid accidents or aggravate them. We will pay particular attention to this for the 4th round of the Coupe de Montréal.

  • The aisles between trailers must be clear at all times to allow emergency vehicles (Fire, Ambulance) to pass through at all times. The site has sufficient parking spaces. In case of obstruction, you will be asked to move your vehicle immediately. We look forward to your prompt collaboration.
  • Do not install your kart, kart stand or equipment in the aisles. Make sure you keep them in your pit.
  • We would like to remind you section 13.9 of the 2019 ASN Canada Book 1 – Sporting regulation (equivalent in French of sec. 13.9 Règlement Sportif ASQ 2019):
  • Prohibited Devices in Paddock or on Race Track Devices such as golf carts, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, skateboards, razers, toy cars are prohibited in the paddock or on the race track at all times. Violators are subject to confiscation of such devices and a $50.00 fine. Approved official vehicles for specific purposes are exempted.
  • Same reminder for the Quiet Rule which applies at all times (section 13.3 ASN Canada and ASQ sporting regulation, and sec. 19 of the Coupe de Montréal Series regulation). This reduces noise pollution and makes communication via loudspeakers easier to hear.
  • Near the false grid and track exit, make sure to leave your kart stand in the designated area.
  • The paddock is not a playground (ex. soccer, football). Keep an eye on the young children.
  • Keep pets on a leash at all times.
  • Only one mechanic per driver on the false grid with closed shoes. if you walk along the false grid to go to the stand, stay inside the safety corridor marked with cones.

Respect the instructions from the organizer and the staff, they act for your safety and in the interest of all.