Registration for round # 5 / Canadian Open is now open!

Registration for the 5th round of the Coupe de Montréal / Canadian Open is now open. The event will take place at the Académie de Karting Jim Russell in Mont-Tremblant on September 11th and 12th.

To answer a few questions we have had over the past few days, please be advised that:

  1. Eligibility is the same as for all Coupe de Montréal races;
  2. Required licences are the same as for other Coupe de Montréal races;
  3. The event is again without spectators;
  4. The event will be run in a clockwise direction;
  5. It is possible to practice in the event configuration on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday before the event (see supplementary regulations);
  6. At the AKJR, the Quiet rule applies at all times on the site, including on practice days;
  7. It is possible to camp on the site on the evenings of September 8, 9, 10 and 11;
  8. Recreational vehicles must be parked in the designated area (no RV in the paddocks).

The Supplementary regulations for the event and other documents are available on the Regulation page of our website. We are expecting a large number of registrations, so registration at the regular price is open until Wednesday 8 September at 17:00. After this deadline, the usual late fee will apply.

Registration for round # 5 / Canadian Open – September 11-12, Mont-Tremblant.