Racetracks and date modification

Coupe de Montréal logo 2023

In two months, the 2023 season of the Coupe de Montréal Championship will be launched. The calendar announced on January 11th did not mention the tracks since major work will be done at SH Karting as well as the expansion of the paddocks in St-Célestin and we had to have some confirmations before announcing the locations.

We also have to change the date of the last round due to a conflict with a major event announced after our initial schedule and where many drivers and teams will be participating. The last round scheduled for September 16-17 will be held on September 30-October 1 in Mirabel. The presentation of the championship trophies will take place during this last round. We know that the new date conflicts with the Cup Kart Finals in the USA but we had no other possibilities.

Here is the modified schedule with the racetracks:

* Note: If the expansion of the paddocks in St-Celestin could not follow the planned schedule for a reason beyond the control of the owners, the replacement track will be Mirabel.