Precision on technical regulations

During the last race in St-Célestin, a question arose as to the interpretation of the rule concerning the installation of the rear protection or bumper.

Section 7 e) of the 2020 Auto Sport Québec regulation states:

e) La protection arrière ou le pare-chocs arrière doivent avoir à tout moment une largeur hors tout ne dépassant pas la largeur arrière du kart, mesurée à l’extérieur des roues ou des pneus arrière, selon la plus grande des deux, dans des conditions SÈCHES et HUMIDES.

Unofficial translation:

Rear protection or rear bumper must have at any time an overall width not exceeding the rear width of the kart, measured outside the rear wheels or tires, whichever is the greater, in DRY and WET conditions.

Please be advised that the interpretation of this article, in particular because of the wording “at any time”, does not authorize any intervention by the driver or his mechanic to ensure that his kart complies with the rule if the part moves. When installing the rear protection or bumper, it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that this part complies with the regulations from his arrival at the false-grid until he has been released by the technical inspector.