Postponement of rounds 1 & 2


We regret to announce the postponement of the first event of the 2021 Coupe de Montréal. The event was scheduled to present rounds 1 & 2 from June 25th to 27th. For those of you familiar with maritime shipping or who read the recent article on La Presse + published last week, you will know what a nightmare the transportation of goods is currently since the beginning of the pandemic, both logistically and economically.

The tires for the event were ordered at the beginning of April, were ready for shipment at the beginning of May but a place was only found on a boat for mid-June. To make matters worse, the boat suffered a mechanical failure which led to the boat being dry-docked in Hamburg (Germany) for repairs.

We hope to be able to reschedule the event for the following weekend (2-4 July) but cannot confirm this until we have an update on the delivery status.