Personal transponders mandatory

Like most race organisations, we use AMB – Mylaps transponders for timing. These transponders have a long life span but are not eternal. The karting centres (SRA Karting and SH Karting) that have a batch of transponders for rental at events are currently faced with a large quantity of transponders at the end of their life. This situation has caused some problems at the end of the 2021 season.

The investment required to replace a large number of transponders is considerable and therefore they will not be replaced.

Statistically, two thirds of the drivers participating in the Coupe de Montréal have a personal transponder and one third of the drivers rent a transponder at each event. In addition to the advantageous amortization of the purchase compared to the recurring rental, there are several advantages to owning a personal transponder. With your Mylaps account you get additional options like:

  • direct and easy access to all the races in which you have taken part with your transponder;
  • possibility of additional statistics and comparisons with other competitors; and
  • you control the recharging and maintenance of your transponder without fear of having an old transponder that could fail.

The Mylaps company now offers several options to suit all karting competitors as rechargeable or battery powered transponders, transponders can be permanent, more expensive to buy but without annual subscription, or with annual subscription (1 year, 2 years, 5 years).

In order to avoid any shortage, we strongly recommend that you do not wait until the beginning of the season to order your transponders from your favourite karting centre.

We will have a limited number of transponders at the events to help out competitors who, for example, have forgotten their transponder at home. The rental fee for 2022 has not yet been determined but will be higher than in previous years.