Important reminders for the 1st round

The first round of the Coupe de Montréal Championship will take place in about ten days at the Jim Russell Karting Academy in Mont-Tremblant. Preparations are well underway and 2022 will mark the return to normal after two years of pandemic. In anticipation of the event, we would like to remind you of a few important elements:

1. Regular registration closes Wednesday, May 18 at 5:00 pm and late registration closes Friday, May 19 at 5:00 pm. After that, no registrations will be accepted. To register, click here.

2. If you have not already applied for your licence, we remind you that starting Friday, Auto Sport Quebec will apply an emergency fee of one hundred dollars for all licence applications for those who want to participate in the first round.

3. Speaking of Auto Sport Québec, they published the 2022 sporting and technical regulations last week. You will find the link on our Regulations page where you can also find all the documents and regulations necessary for the Coupe de Montréal races. ASQ regulations are only available in French but as they are 99% only the translation of ASN regulations, you may refer to them as an English version.

4. It is the duty of the competitor to be aware of the regulations that apply to everyone (young, new, old, juniors, seniors, masters, etc.). Lack of knowledge of the rules is one of the main problems in the sport and is a source of frustration for drivers and even for officials who have no pleasure in issuing penalties. Forget the rules of Formula 1, Nascar or other disciplines, karting has its own rules.

5. This year, it is strongly recommended that drivers purchase their own transponder. In fact, the rental price of a transponder has been increased so that a driver who does 5-6 races in the Coupe de Montréal will pay more to rent than to buy a transponder. See your local dealer in advance so that you can create your account with Mylaps, activate and charge your new transponder before you come to the track or your transponder will not work.

6. For those who already have a transponder with subscription, make sure to check the validity of your subscription and renew it if necessary before coming to the circuit.

7. If you are planning to go and practice at the Académie de Karting Jim Russell this weekend, check out their website or facebook page and read the important message they have published today.

8. Currently no measures related to covid-19 are in effect for our races. This means that there is no limit for the team members as for the last two years.

9. The Saturday social events are back. A free 12″ pizza will be offered to each driver. Additional pizzas are available for $15.00 each. Additional pizzas can be bought with your registration (quantities are limited).

We look forward to seeing you again and continue preparations for the launch of the 2022 season.