Important information for the 2nd round of this weekend

Here is some information in bulk for the 2nd round of this weekend which will take place at the Académie de Karting Jim Russell in Mont-Tremblant.

  1. REGISTRATION: We remind you that regular registration ends at 5 p.m. on Friday. As we rarely work in the evening and even less at night, please register as early as possible if you plan to arrive at the racetrack on Friday. This will allow us to prepare your registration in advance so that you only have to sign the waiver upon your arrival at the track.

  2. MASKS: The new government rule requiring the wearing of masks in closed public places comes into force on Saturday. Do not forget to bring your mask and especially to wear it when you enter the building as well as in all the other places required by the Covid-19 Racing Rules.

  3. MAX MASTERS WEIGHT: at the first round, some drivers in this category asked us if the minimum weight could be adjusted upwards. We were rightly pointed out that only 11 pounds separated the category with MAX Senior while there is much more difference in the other categories where we find seniors and masters. After having surveyed the drivers, it was decided to add 10 lbs to the minimum weight of the MAX Masters class which will increase to 385 lbs. A bulletin will be issued to make the change official and the new weight will be in effect as of this weekend’s event.

  4. THURSDAY CAMPING: Several competitors are currently on vacation and have asked us if they could set up on Thursday to be ready for practice for Friday morning. Camping on site will be allowed Thursday evening. We ask that you arrive before 8:00 pm.

  5. ON-SITE SNACK: A snack service will be on site Saturday and Sunday for lunch break time.