CMTL # 3: new layout and registration

In just over two weeks’ time, the 3rd round of the Coupe de Montréal will take place on the SC Performance racetrack in St-Célestin on June 22-23. For the first time on this track, the track layout will be slightly different, bringing a new challenge to drivers. Registration is already open in the EVENTS – Registration section. All documents and regulations relating to the event are available in the REGULATION section.


The social event will feature a chicken and pork gyros meal served with Caesar and Greek salads and raw vegetables. Additional tickets can be purchased on site for $20.

For those unfamiliar with the SC circuit, there’s a restaurant-bar on site for other weekend meals.

There will be a slight difference in payment for registration, as SC Performance uses Paypal for its transactions. You can proceed with a credit card without having to create a Paypal account.

Registration – Round #3