Classique d’automne: Supplementary regulation and registration

As published last week, the 5th round of the Québec Championship and final round of the Coupe de Montréal will take place during the Classique d’automne (Fall Classic) at the Académie de Karting Jim Russell in Mont-Tremblant, September 21-22. Qualifying sessions will take place in late afternoon on Saturday and prefinal and final races will be presented on Sunday. Championship trophies will be awarded after the event podiums on Sunday.

The supplementary regulation for the event are already online on the Regulation page. If you need accommodation, see the accommodation list below to get a discount on selected hotels. The registration will be open Tuesday September 3rd, after the event of this weekend in Mont St-Hilaire.

CQ # 5 – CMTL # 6 – Supplementary regulation, September 21-22

Accommodation specials