Amended tentative calendar

Today we present the modified calendar for the 2021 Coupe de Montréal karting championship. This calendar is “subject to change” since we still haven’t received the details of the resumption of the competitions from the public health authorities and that everything is conditional to the return to the green zone scheduled for June 25. Therefore, this schedule is subject to change.

We are publishing this calendar so that you can prepare in advance even if we cannot for the moment, waiting for the public health rules, prepare the supplementary regulations for the event.

The first event will be presented at ICAR from 25 to 27 June. This event will feature rounds 1 and 2 of the championship as well as the presentation of the 2020 Championship trophies to last season’s champions.  Due to the busy schedule, qualifying for Rounds 1 and 2 will take place in the afternoon on Friday 25th.

Afterwards, we will visit SH Karting (round 3, July 11), SC Performance (round 4, August 8) before finishing the season with two races at the Jim Russell Karting Academy (round 5, September 11-12 & round 6, September 18-19).

The presentation of the championship trophies will take place on Saturday, October 2nd at a special event in St-Celestin.

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