2020 series regulation


The 2020 Coupe de Montreal series regulation is now online on the Regulation page.

You will see a reference to the document “Covid-19 Racing Rules” which will contain all the specific rules related to resumption of sport in pandemic times. These rules will be an integral part of the championship regulations. We still haven’t received the final instructions from the authorities and that’s why we can’t put it online yet. As things related to covid-19 can change quickly it will be very important to read this document at the time of your registration and just before the event to ensure that nothing has changed since your last consultation. As already announced, you and your teammates will need to have a mask with you since in certain circumstances it will be mandatory.

As for the Supplementary regulation and registration for the first round of June 28, we are still awaiting answers on the procedure to follow. As soon as possible, we will post the SR and open the registration. Be advised that all registrations must be made before arriving at the racetrack because no computer (covid requires) will be made available to you.

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